I'm Katie,  a 26-year-old Physiotherapist/waitress/wholefoods assistant/sustainability teacher/small scale veggie farmer living in Geelong, Australia with my partner and two awesome housemates. From a young age I've held an interest in the natural world and a strong belief in the conservation of flora and fauna. Alas, I never especially strived to be a 'greenie' or take serious note of destructive human impacts on the Earth. My parents brought me up with recycling, composting food scraps and looking after things to ensure longevity, but not too much else. At university, studying healthcare fueled my personal passions for strength training and 'clean eating', things that were predominantly about looking after me. Constantly in the background of my childhood was exposure to Mum's gardening passion - I never really could comprehend why she did what she did with such zeal. I mean, they're only plants?

Fast-forward a few years to 2015 where I suddenly learned a LOT of information in a short period of time about the long shadows cast by meat, dairy and egg farming, about human impact on the vulnerable environment that supports us, and about choice. The beginning of 2016 saw me transition from eating an omnivorous diet to a vegan one almost overnight and, in following months, set regular goals to reduce my waste output by 80%, stop buying any new clothes (excepting only fairtrade, sustainable materials), and sustain a productive home garden. My partner and I now also do much more, like bake all our own bread, brew Kombucha, completely avoid plastic bags, recycle soft plastic packaging, buy in bulk, make our own planters, preserve and ferment seasonal fruit and veg, and create natural cleaning products and toiletries. Cultivating our Blue House Garden has been the most exciting, rewarding experience of all these and I now know what Mum was feeling all those years, it is unlike anything else! Now in 2018, I can sort of call myself a "farmer", having started up a small experimental patch on certified Demeter Biodynamic soil just outside Geelong, with another veggie-loving friend Kirsty.

I still cannot believe how far these changes have brought me and how much I have learned about the absolute necessity for all of us to actively minimise our impact on the planet. Seeds represent something small, simple and seemingly insignificant (such as an idea or action) that, with the right environment, can morph into something so, so much more. I have created seedblog to educate anyone and everyone about why we can't afford to be complacent and how to create better habits easily and cheaply. I also invite everyone to learn the importance of understanding where food comes from and why supporting locals is the best thing you can do. Please browse these pages with an open mind and take from them as you please. 

Seedblog is very important to me, as is it's utility to you, so please do message me on Facebook, comment on blog or Instagram @seedblog posts with questions, recommendations or comments of any kind (positive vibes only!). My mission is to do my best so that, when my children start asking questions about Earth and climate change, I can tell them with no regrets that I tried my best to preserve and care for her - for their sake.


                 Katie  x